Vulcano 250w Extreme eBike

250w Electric Bike

Why choose it

The DME Vulcano Extreme folding fat bike, now super equipped. Through our research, we have made Vulcano EXTREME the meeting point between design and performance, taking them to a higher level. The result is the versatility of Vulcano, with the most advanced technology and the highest performance.

What is a fat bike?

A small two-wheeled off-road vehicle: the Fat Bike takes up the characteristics of the mountain bike and takes them to the next level. Thanks to its extra-large tyres, it is ideal for cycling off-road, but it is also on city streets. You no longer have to worry about potholes or wet road surfaces.


The DME folding fat bike, now super-equipped, has TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes with aluminum brake levers.

Front Light

The front headlight of this Vulcano is suitable for illuminating the road ahead at a great distance, also it has the convenience of being activated by handlebars.

Rear Light

This Fat bike in addition to the headlight also has rear lighting that not only illuminates the road, but has been designed primarily to be used as signage.

In fact, from the handlebar of your bike you can activate the directional arrows making your driving safe during the day but especially in the evening and at night.

Brushless Motor

The engine of this electric bike has a power of 250W with a voltage of 48V, its location is located on the rear wheel.

His model is a high quality BAFANG Motor.

24-month warranty on the electrical part

Battery warranty 15 months


The bike is equipped with BAFANG 6-spoke alloy wheels with chrome plating.

With its Fat-Tyres you will no longer encounter obstacles!

Wizened Paint Effect

With the use of special black radiant paint, this FAT-Bike has an innovative and modern design. The “snakeskin” effect is assured and will give a touch of aggression to your Vulcano Extreme electric bike!

The redesigned handlebar column guarantees greater solidity, for a more stable and safe ride

Gel Saddle

The gel saddle is far more comfortable to travel in both short and long journeys by taking advantage of the better cushioning offered by the material.

Display LCD

The on-board computer, through its LCD and multi-function buttons, manages the fundamental functions of the electric part of the bike, such as, for example, the assistance levels of the motor when pedalling.

Front Suspension

The mechanical front suspension absorbs shocks and makes you pedal comfortably on any type of route

* The maximum payload weight limit of DME Bikes is 220 pounds or 100 Kg in total.

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