Vulcano Little 350w Fat Bike

Small Wheel Electric Bike

Why choose it.

Small but unstoppable, suitable for cyclists of all ages. Vulcano Little is a mini electric folding FAT bike, which combines the practicality and compactness of folding bikes, the strength and lightness of an aluminum alloy frame with the versatility of 16 × 4” tyres. Take it wherever you want and reach any destination without compromise.

What is s Fat Bike?

A small wheel electric bike : the Vulcano Little Fat Bike takes the characteristics of a mountain bike and takes it to the next level. Thanks to its 16 x 4 inch tyres it is ideal for pedalling on all terrain, it can also ride on city streets. You will no longer have to worry about potholes or wet surfaces.


The DME folding fat bike, now super-equipped. With Vulcano LITTLE we have brought our search for a meeting point between design and performance to a next level. The result? The total versatility of Vulcano, with the most advanced technology and maximum performance.


The Little Volcano with 16 “x 4” tyres and aluminum rims are great for crossing unpaved roads and taking it with you comfortably and quickly anywhere.

Includes the front hub with brake disc and the rear hub with engine and brake disc.

* The maximum payload weight limit of DME Bikes is 220 pounds or 100 Kg in total.


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