Fractum 500W Electric Bike


500w Electric Bike Italian Made DME Bikes

Folding 500w electric bike, fat-bike 20 “with 500W 48V motor with hydraulic brakes.

Cycling has never been so comfortable and fun.

Thanks to electric bicycles, cycling has become really easy thanks to the pedal assist system (pedelec, from pedal electric cycle).

A pedelec (from pedal electric cycle) is a type of electric bicycle where the rider’s pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor; thus it is a type of low-powered e-bike. However, unlike some other types of e-bikes, pedelecs are classified as conventional bicycles.

An electric bike, also called an e-bike, has an engine that assists pedaling and is activated only when pedaling.

It consists essentially of three elements:

● Battery
● Motor
● Pedal Detection System

Its use is similar to that of a scooter, which is why the product initially found it difficult to carve out a segment of the market.

But the advantages are truly indisputable.

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500w Electric Bike Italian Made DME Bikes

Folding electric bike folding-bike 20 “with 500W 48V motor with hydraulic brakes.

fat-bike electric folding bike

Why Choose It?

FRACTUM is a fat tyre folding 500w electric bike, which combines the practicality and compactness of folding bikes, the strength and lightness of an aluminum alloy frame with the versatility of 20 × 4” tyres.

Take it wherever you want, it will take you wherever you want.

What Is A Fat Bike?

A small tank on two wheels: the Fat Bike takes on the characteristics of a mountain bike and takes them to the next level.

Thanks to its extra-large tyres, it is ideal for cycling in nature, but it is also used in city jungles. You no longer have to worry about pot holes or slippery roads.

fat-bike 20x4 inch tyres
fat-bike front led light

Front Light

The front headlight of this electric bike is suitable for illuminating the road ahead at a great distance, also it has the convenience of being activated by handlebars.

The Motor

The motor of this Fat-Bike has a power of 500W with a 48V voltage, its position is on the rear wheel.

Its model is a BAFANG Motor with Torque system, suitable for an uphill journey with brushless direct current (Brushless).

fat-bike 500w 48v 14Ah
fat-bike torque system

What Is The Torque System?

The presence of the Torque sensor will give you the naturalness of pedaling. The Torque motor allows you to turn your bike into a high quality Pedalec;

Thanks to its latest technology, the engine will work intelligently after the user guide.

In fact, the torque sensor inserted inside the motor will work out the power that the rider is generating by pedaling and will multiply the output on the transmission with variable intensity depending on the level of assistance selected.

With Fractum, take it on all terrain without hesitation!

Double Shock Absorber


It reduces the unpleasant effect one has when driving on rough terrain, leading to better ride quality, comfort and greater stability when driving your E-bike.

fat-bike dual shock absorber

Technical Specifications

MODEL: Fat-bike, folding
MATERIAL: Aluminum alloy, 6061
SIZE: 20″
TOTAL WEIGHT: 28 Kg (approx.)
TYPE: In aluminum, with adjustable and folding handlebar
HANDLEBAR: Riser bar
FRONT BRAKE CALIPER .: Plumbers, Tektro HD M285
BRAKE CALIPER POST: Hydraulics, Tektro HD M285
BRAKE LEVERS: In Radius aluminum
MODEL: BAFANG Motor (torque system)
TYPE: Brushless continuous current (Brushless)
POWER: 500 Watts
VOLTAGE: 48 Volts
LOCATION: Rear wheel

MODEL: KEYDYSP King Meter Nokee-U
TYPE: Multifunction with LCD display
PAS LEVELS: 5 levels (speed)
CRUISE CONTROL: Yes, max 6Km / h
FUNCTIONS: Battery status indicator, backlight, odometer, pas levels

COMPASS: Not present
CARRIER: Not present
PHONE HOLDER: Not present
FORK TYPE: Suspension fork
RIM: Aluminum, 18 holes
ANT HUB .: with brake disc
REAR HUB: With engine and brake disc
CROWN: Aluminum, single, 1 speed
CELL TYPE: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) with Samsung elements
AUTONOMY (KM): 40 – 60 Km depending on the engine effort
RECHARGING TIME: 6 – 8 hours (approximately)
RECHARGE CYCLES: 1000 cycles (approximately)
LOCATION: External, underseat, removable
USB PORT: No, integrated
SADDLE: Ergomic, with central hole
SEAT PAD: Aluminum alloy with quick release
FARO ANT .: LED, can be activated from the handlebar
FARO POST.I: LED, integrated under-seat(with battery)
PEDALS: Folded, in ABS

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