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Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

We are sure that you will find your ideal bike here.

Choose the engine, the battery, the type and the frame; or let yourself be guided by inspiration.

When the terrain becomes difficult, you need a durable bike with 4“ wide tyres, suitable for the most hostile terrain. The Fat Bike takes the characteristics of a mountain bike and takes them to the next level.

Cycling has never been so comfortable and fun.

Thanks to electric bicycles, pedaling has become really easy thanks to the pedal assist system (pedelec, from pedal electric cycle)

An electric bike, also called an e-bike, has an engine that assists pedaling and is activated only when pedaling.

It consists essentially of three elements:

● Battery

● Motor

● Pedal detection system

Advantages of eBikes:

● Ecological

● Economic:al

● Fun and practical.

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