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Small Wheel Electric Bikes

Small Wheel electric folding fat bikes 16 x 4“ wheels / tyres, disc brakes, front and rear LED lights, 5 levels of assistance, Tektro hydraulic brakes. more..

Uragano 500W 48V

Folding electric mountain bike folding-bike 20“ with 500W 48V motor with hydraulic brakes. BAFANG Motor (torque system), Battery Capacity 48V 14AH and Double Shock Absorber.

Vulcano & Uragano e Bikes

16 x 4" & 20 x 4" 250w to 750w Folding Fat Tyre All Terrain Electric Bikes.

Italian Design

DME design and build ebikes, with the deeds of our customers in mind. We do not limit ourselves to just one style of bike. In addition, we also create graphic customisations to make each bike unique

Sustainable Mobility

Everyday DME build electric fat bikes with a mission: to make your riding easier and to make your contribution towards sustainable mobility. We want to help you help the planet.

Accessible Technology

DME use only the highest levels of technology, succeeding in creating high-end bicycles with a final price that is accessible to all. DME Electric Fat Bikes make biking easier for you everyday, in every way.

Best Equipment

eBikes Ireland

DME Bikes Ireland 250w, 350w, 500w & 750w Electric Bikes Ireland.

A pedelec – pedal electric cycle is a type of electric bicycle where the rider’s pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor; thus it is a type of low-powered e-bike.

However, unlike some other types of e-bikes, pedelecs are classified as conventional bicycles in many countries by road authorities

DME Bikes Ireland

As Seen on TV & Featured in Independent.

RTE Nationwide

Electric Bike Tours Howth

Shanes Howth Adventures.

 Published on Aug 24, 2019.

RTE Nationwide programme on Howth broadcast 21 August 2019, with Maureen in full view on East Pier.





Real User Reviews.

Keith Byrne

Facebook Review

Keith Byrne

Facebook Review

Andy Evans

Facebook Review

Andy Evans

Facebook Review

Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Tech editor, Irish & Sunday Independent

Rise of the ebike – how going electric could become the way to ride the changes in our post-lockdown commute.


"Sorry, they all do be gone by lunchtime.”


Last weekend, I walked into a bicycle shop in Dublin’s Phibsborough district to enquire about acquiring two wheeled transportation. I may as well have been looking for a Tesco home-delivery slot. With our 5km limit on the verge of being extended to 20km, and back-to-work plans being circulated among many companies in Ireland, bicycles are a hot commodity in Ireland at the moment.


They’re sold out everywhere.

e Bikes Ireland

e Bikes Ireland

DME Bikes from etran Lusk/Rush

etran Alternative Transport Company - Specialising in Modern Eco friendly transport - E-bikes - E-scooters -Electric Mobility Solutions.

We offer all terrain fat tyre folding electric bicycles, thanks to the different models, equipped with the latest generation brush-less electric motors, lithium-ion batteries, disc brakes, multi-function digital controllers, headlights front and rear led’s, luggage racks (for transporting documents or material) and high quality gearboxes.


DME Bikes Showroom

e tran rush lusk electric bikes

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